Sweet Taste Without Regret - Off to the Raw Vegan Cake Workshop with Gisela Bayer

Sweet Taste Without Regret - Off to the Raw Vegan Cake Workshop with Gisela Bayer

In the north of Germany, in the small village of Wilstedt with the red clinkered houses and the ivy-covered trees, there lives a very special woman.

At least, that is what she is to many of us raw food enthusiasts from all over Europe.

My today's article is a review of two wonderful creative, entertaining and enjoyable days, full of new ideas and inspiration from the raw food paradise.

Together with 7 additional ambitious cake manufacturers, I spent the weekend with raw food chef Gisela Bayer near Bremen.

Eventually, I found Gisela's workshops on the Internet and thought I need to learn from her and meet her in person.

Since her workshops are always booked out immediately, I was therefore all the happier to get one of these rare spaces.

Gisela is a very sympathetic and loving person with years of experience in the raw vegan food preparation.

For 8 1/2 years she has been to various places in many parts of the world, where she found her passion for raw food.

You can find Gisela on the Internet under "The Glowing Gourmet".

There is only one sentence to say about it - the name really brings it to the point!

One can clearly see that Gisela has found her calling in her work.
And with a warm heart, patience and persistence she passes her knowledge on to her students.

Her magical and improbable delicious pies deliver a true feast for the eyes and the palate alike.

Here are a few pictures of our workshop cakes...


I love the colors and flavors of these culinary marvels.

Almost too good to eat.

All the cakes are vegan and without empty calories such as white flour and refined sugar.
They consist of algae, raw ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, avocados, non-dairy milk, and spices.



A top class cake buffet...



And not only cakes were in the game this weekend.

Gisela also served us with the most delicious raw food.

Here are a few impressions....



I will definitely try the tiger nut milk and the raw Tzatziki at home.

Because of the unprocessed ingredients in its original form, raw food is often used as a healing medicine.
That's why we try to bring a lot of raw food into our diet.

So, and now someone still tells me that raw food is boring...

For me, it was certainly an incomparable weekend and as far as time permits, I will definitely come and visit Gisela again in her courses.

With a plethora of new impressions, many tips and tricks for the preparation of raw and my own cakes and pies, I returned back home.

I hope the next days and weeks we can inspire our friends and family with these beautiful and delicious creations.

And with Gisela's saying "In the raw food kitchen, everything is possible", I will pounce on into experimentation.

It tingles already in my fingers.

Happy greetings and a great week for you!

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