Raw Gourmet Chef Academy with Boris Lauser

Raw Gourmet Chef Academy with Boris Lauser

Many people who are interested in the topic of healthy nutrition and especially raw food, probably came across the name Boris Lauser already.

Boris is one of the most known raw gourmet chefs in Germany.

In his seminars, cooking courses, retreats in Bali and Thailand and his dinner clubs, he proves that raw food is not just lettuce, celery and carrots.

If you do not already know him, I recommend you to check out his website b.alive.

One of my big projects for this year was to attend a compact course to deepen all the basics and advanced techniques in the preparation of modern raw gourmet food.

After having written here about my last two courses in the section of sweet raw food with Gisela Bayer, I also wanted to give you a little insight into a great week of the Raw Chef Academy with gourmet chef Boris Lauser.

The Raw Chef Academy took place in the Essentis Biohotel in Berlin.

In my opinion, the hotel offered a great ambience for such a training.

You could gently start the early morning hours with meditation and yoga or catch some fresh air in the adjoining park.

The teaching kitchen was very well equipped and offered the right place and space which we needed for our work and the vegan hotel restaurant offered great food.

12 participants from all over Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium had registered for the training.

I always find it incredibly exciting to get together in a group of like-minded people.

Everyone has a different background and yet everyone involved has a common interest - such as enjoying to learn more about healthy food preparation.

The mornings always started with a delicious breakfast like a green smoothie, g'raw'nola, chia pudding, an acai bowl or delicious chia hemp pancakes - which we usually prepared together the day before.

After breakfast Boris told us about the schedule of the day.


Raw food sometimes requires a longer preparation.
Nuts and seeds must be soaked and veggies have to be cut, mixed, grated and fermented.

We've always done these things in advance for the upcoming days.

Then we went on to prepare the food which we ate altogether for lunch and dinner.

There were, for example, parsnip sushi with Wasabi tahini cream, raw pizza, zucchini tartar, cashew mozzarella, a creamy carrot ginger soup, beetroot carpaccio with fermented horseradish and, of course, sweet desserts such as the popular cheesecake, chocolate mousse tarte and ice cream - just to name a few.


Besides this, Boris showed us how to arrange the food tastefully on the plate.
This is a very important fact, since we also want to show people that healthy food can be really delicious and pleasing to the eyes.


In addition, Boris also introduced us to a chapter which I didn't pay much attention to until now.
And this was: how to treat knifes properly and how to grind knife blades.

I guess now, I will be more careful about which knives I use and how to treat them.

By the way, sharpening knives can also have a very meditative effect :).

The topic was rounded off with various cutting techniques and demonstrations for cutting Julienne, Brunoise, Chiffonade and Batonet.


One evening, we all went out and had dinner in the Alge Officina, a cute little raw restaurant, where the owner Giulia presented us an awesome 5-course raw menu.

In addition, there were two exciting lectures, one on the importance of good water from Thomas Hartwig from Leogant and one on the topic of detoxification from Yesha Karmell from Natura Heilpraxis.

The last day, we prepared our own 5-course menu, which was a great close of the training.

And finally, each of us got a certificate of the successful participation in the course.


I've been studying raw food for a while now and I've been attending a lot of trainings and seminars, but what I always find great, everyone has his or her own techniques and I was able to learn so much from everyone.

Many thanks to Boris for the great week and also to all participants for the nice conversations.
I had a lot of fun and I can certainly recommend the academy to everyone.

The 6 days passed by in a flash.

I had to use the last week to process everything and of course I also started to try quite a lot of the recipes at home.

Good I have enough hungry mouths to stuff in my men's house, otherwise I wouldn't know who should eat it all :).

Have a good week!


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