Impressions of my Weekend Workshop at "The Glowing Gourmet" Gisela Bayer

Impressions of my Weekend Workshop at "The Glowing Gourmet" Gisela Bayer

Today I want to give you another little insight into a workshop which I attended last weekend.

Earlier this year, I already wrote about one of my classes at "The Glowing Gourmet" Gisela Bayer here.

And, since it was so amazing, I went to Bremen once again.

This time it was all about how to prepare the most delicious raw vegan desserts.

When your sweet tooth calls for a lusciously treat again, take a look and be inspired by the pictures.

As you can see, raw food doesn't mean that you have to abandon all the amazing and delicious things in life.

Since pictures speak louder than a thousand words: here are some of our mouth-watering creations.


Most delicious mango mousse


Baklava with pistachio filling


Filled coconut roll




Peanut caramel bars in chocolate


The first day, Gisela welcomed us with these delicious filled pancakes


The second breakfast, Granola with plums and cashew creme


A glance at our workplace


Gisela explains how to open a coconut

This is just a little glimpse at some of the awesome recipes we created on the weekend.

More pictures will follow on our social media channels.

In between our "hard work", Gisela served the most amazing food.

For me as a lover of savory dishes, it was a special highlight again.



My clear conclusion of the weekend - everything was soooo delicious and flavorful and hard to beat.

As you can see - healthy eating doesn't mean you have to make compromises on enjoyment.

In this manner, I wish to send a big THANKS to Gisela.

I had a lot of fun and learned how to prepare the most amazing treats.

And I'm sure this wasn't my last seminar with Gisela.

If you also like to learn the art of raw food preparation, I can highly recommend Giselas workshops.

I will start my week with a lot of new inspirations now.

Be inspired, be happy, be healthy!

Love Jana


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