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Our story

When our second son was diagnosed with neurodermatitis at the age of three months, we were very desperate.
Endless visits to doctors, various ointments and bloody rashes all over the body belonged to our daily routine.
It was a nerve-wracking time and we desperately wanted to help our little boy.
Pediatricians and Dermatologists could not help us. 
They told us the eczema is a chronic disease and our son has to live with it.

But instead of being discouraged, we decided to take the responsibility to find our own healing methods.

We first started to completely convert our diet to organic and healthy food.
A lot of other fields in our life followed this step.
By healing the eczema, we realized what a strong influence the diet and a natural lifestyle had on our son's and our own health.
We completely changed everything to live a life with plant-based food and homemade products.
Our passion for developing a healthy and happy lifestyle was born and grew tremendously within the last years.

Our goal is now to help you to live more naturally with our healthy tips and recipes.

We love to share our experience with you.

We want to bring you a little closer back to a peaceful life in harmony with nature.

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Who writes here?

Drawing I am a certified health coach, trained in holistic nutrition, relaxation techniques and alternative health care prevention.
I am a mother of three wonderful boys (14, 13, 7) who inspire me every day.
I love to try new vegan and raw recipes and the kitchen is my preferred place in the house.
My family is my best audience and my inspiration.
Oh by the way, I’m not a native English speaker. I hope you will excuse strange expressions or choice of words.

Health and sunshine from Germany!
Love Jana


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