Aloe Vera - Ancient Plant With Great Impact

Aloe Vera - Ancient Plant With Great Impact

Welcome to the new year!

The first week in 2018 is already over again and we hope you had a fit and healthy start into the new year.
We heartily wish you a powerful and peaceful beginning.
May it only bring good things to you.

Today's blogpost is all about an old home remedy, an ancient plant, which is also called the queen of medicinal plants.

Yes, we are talking about Aloe Vera.

Ever since I listen to a lecture about Aloe Vera at the Rohvolution fair in Berlin, the plant has gripped me ever since, I ordered one and it quickly won our hearts.
Meanwhile, I even think that this wonderful plant should not be missing in any household.

Why am I saying this and what makes Aloe Vera so special?

As you will read below, it is a magical plant with so many excellent applications.
The gel inside the leaves with its pure properties (I really mean PUR), can replace the best and most expensive lotion.
The Aloe leaves can store a lot of moisture.
They do this by forming a gel in the leaves.
And this gel contains wonderful magic substances.

It is full of minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and vitamins (for instance vitamin C, E and beta carotin).
The plant can be used as a natural antibiotic and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, regenerates tissues and activates the immune system.

Due to the hype of the aloe vera plant in recent years, there are always people who doubt the great properties of this plant.
However, we are convinced of the effectiveness and can only recommend to anyone, just try it out yourself.

The next examples are intended to illustrate the incredibly diverse range of applications.

Skin care

Especially in winter, many people suffer from dry and tense skin, because on cold days our skin cells need a lot of moisture.
If you prefer natural ingredients as we do, you should definitely give it a try.

  • For treating itchy insect bites, scars, warts, swollen eyes, razor burn and wounds
    Simply apply the gel - first of all it's absolutely refreshing and it pulls the wound together.

  • To soothe the skin in case of sunburn
    In summer, the plant gel helps to minimise the pain of a sunburn.
    Lubricate the gel on the burning areas.

  • For the treatment of pimples, acne and herpes
    Just cut off a piece of the leaf and apply on the affected skin area.

Hair care

  • apply against dandruff
  • use it for your hair care routine
  • use it as a nourishing hair mask
  • use it to stimulate hair growth
  • use it as a hair conditioner
    For all applications, take some gel and smear it on your hair or scalp. For bigger parts, you can mix it with some water and apply extensively.

Mouth care

  • use it in case of gum problems
    Apply the gel to the problem zones in your oral cavity.

Mix a refreshing drink

Just mix some gel with water and lemon juice in a blender and done is a refreshing drink.
If you like, add some ice cubes.

What else?

Mix the gel with some water and freeze it in ice cube trays.
This way, you can store it longer and it makes portioning really easy. (for example add a Aloe ice cube to your smoothie)

If you do not have a green thumb, that's the plant for you :)
You do not have to water it very often and it is also not overly demanding.
Our plants are placed in a relatively dark corner of the house and they thrive beautifully.

Cut leaves keep in the fridge for a few weeks.

Our kids love the fresh gel and know that mum tries to treat everything with this powerful gel.
We usually keep a cut leaf in the fridge for the above mentioned reasons.

How do you extract the precious gel?


  1. Cut one of the older leaves (The plant should be about three years old for it has developed all the good qualities in these strong and thick leaves).
  2. Allow the yellowish aloin to drain completely and then rinse the area with plenty of water after draining.
  3. Cut off the jagged edges.
  4. Use a fine knife to cut off the top layer.
  5. Use a spoon to scoop out the gel.
  6. Here you can see the precious gel.
  7. I mixed a refreshing Aloe Vera drink. (Mix a piece of the gel with some water and lemon juice.)

Or just watch our short video:


We hope you liked our little excursion into the field of home remedies.
This is only a small excerpt from an enormous range, which nature gives us in the form of this plant.

Do you have any experience with Aloe Vera?
We would be glad if you share it with us in the comments below.

Love Jana & family


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