Digital office for a better environment

Digital office for a better environment

Since I started my journey with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, I began to question more and more areas of life.

As a nature lover, I go through the world with open eyes and try to have a positive impact on environmental issues.

Most of my childhood I spent in the forest and I deeply respect the awesomeness of nature's creations.

Me and my family are very fortunate to live right next to the forest.
Whenever I need time to rest, I feel happiest in the forest.
It's my place to recharge my batteries.

Clearly, I get really frustrated when I hear about all the deforestation.

The largest proportion of felled trees is used for paper production and as the paper consumption is growing more and more each year, more trees have to be cut down.

Every child knows that trees are our elixir of life.
In today's article I want to recall that we all can take action and do our little part in helping our nature according to our own consumption.

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something".

I dedicate this blog post to my love for nature and especially the forest and the trees.

I am a big lover of a paperless digital office and sadness comes over me when I see the huge amount of pointless printing and with it - the wasting of paper.

It is understood that various things need to be printed on paper.
However, it happens quite frequently that every email and every little trivial form is printed - mostly out of habit.

But many times printing is not necessary at all.

Today there are numerous ways to archive documents, emails and files.

With the article I hope I can animate you to a sensitive approach when hitting the "Print" button the next time.


Here you can find a few reasons why it is important to think about it and act:

1. Do it for the environment

As just mentioned, huge amounts of trees have to be felled, only for the paper industry.
Human life depends on these trees - as consumers, we all can contribute to a careful use of these sources.
The demand always determines the supply.

2. It saves money

I think at this point, I do not have to say much more. I guess everyone will understand that we save money if we do not need to buy a lot of paper.

3. It saves time

You must not dig in any documents anymore or carry heavy files from one place to another.
You're just way more flexible and you can access your data from anywhere in the world.

4. Emissions of the printer

The emitted nano particles of laser printers during printing can be hazardous to your health.
A study by the University of Rostock (German link) comes to the conclusion that the discharged toner dust can even cause cancer.

5. Noise

Some printers are still really loud and can interrupt the concentration of people sitting nearby.
For a happy cooperation, we should also remember our colleagues and only print the essentials.

6. Declutter the workplace

Tons of folders and stacks of paper inhibit creativity, at least for me :).
By only printing the most important things (if at all), you can keep your workplace tidy and clean.

7. Selection of paper

When printing forms, etc. cannot be avoided, go for recycled paper and double-sided printing.

Changes always start with small steps and each little step in the right direction is a step for a happier environment and for a better life.'

In this sense, I am sending you environmentally friendly greetings for the upcoming week.


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