Detox in the Bath Tub

Detox in the Bath Tub

Finally, it is winter time out there.
After an extensive day of skiing in the fresh snow air, we are looking forward to a nice bath.

After all, what could be better than lying in the comfy warm bathtub and take some time off?

In our today's article we do not want to write about an ordinary foam bath, but a detoxifying alkaline bath.

Ph-balanced full baths or foot baths are ideal to get rid of metabolic wastes and toxins.

Who constantly burdens his body, for example, with an excess of acids like stress, lack of a healthy diet or by daily use of conventional care products, should consider an alkaline bath on a regular basis.

Alkaline baths are balm for skin and soul.

The ph-value of 8-8.5 of the water stimulates the deacidification of our body.

Many factors can adversely affect the balance of our acid-base balance.

For example, our modern civilization food consist for the most part of acid forming foods.
Conventional personal care products with synthetic additives, toxins and preservatives may also contribute to acidification.

Our skin as the largest excretory organ will fight back eventually if we annoy it with too many acids and toxins.
It may happen that the excretion no longer works and leads to visible signs of failure on your skin.
This can be reflected in greasy hair, acne, cellulite, fat deposits in the skin and much more.

An alkaline bath can, therefore, be used for relief and activation of the excretory function.

However, of course we have to point out, that this should not deter from a healthy lifestyle.
An alkaline bath may only act supportive.

For years, we do not use conventional foam bath essences anymore.
We started it, when our son was suffering so badly from neurodermatitis and all other bath products always aroused deteriorations of his skin condition.

Our kids like to bathe in alkaline water. This makes the skin soft and encourages it to self-oiling. Then there is no need for oils or creams.


Conventional bath additives extract moisture from the skin; so that you feel dried out and need to apply lotion.

We prefer the alkaline bath "MeineBase". We can definitely recommend the alkaline bath salt.
(This is not a sponsored post)


What should you consider before taking a bath?

  1. Plan some time and give yourself a little break for at least 45-60 minutes.
  2. For precise handling follow the dosage instructions on the description.
  3. The ideal temperature is between 36-38 degrees.
  4. Much helps much? One to two baths a week are sufficient.
  5. Do not use any oil or lotions after the bath.
  6. Wrap yourself up nice and warm and enjoy some silence.

What else can you do to bring your base balance into shape?

  1. Optimal is a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, excluding convenience products, white flour and sugar.
  2. Stress forms acids in your body, so treat yourself with a little break from time to time.
  3. The consumption of animal products pollutes the organism and should be largely reduced.
  4. Lots of exercise in the fresh air helps to keep the body in balance.
  5. Eliminate smoking and alcohol.

And finally a tip for running winter noses: the salt can also be used for a nasal douche.

We wish you a relaxing and stress-free week!

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