Barefoot in the Morning Dew

Barefoot in the Morning Dew

Finally, the warm season started and we can put our shoes back in the rack.

We all should walk barefoot as often as possible.

Inside the house, you can completely go without slippers.
In case of cold feet rather choose warm socks than sturdy shoes.

Walking barefoot trains the foot muscles and helps to prevent from malposition.

In addition, the food reflex zones get stimulated and it sharpens our sense of feeling.

We all do not wear slippers at home.
We always like to walk barefoot.

Some mornings we start with a special ritual.
Right after getting up we go barefoot outside on the wet meadow.

This helps to promote blood circulation and is great fun for our kids.
It strengthens the immune system and helps to connect with nature again.
Rinse feet briefly, slip into a pair of warm socks and start a relaxed and happy day.

Those who have no garden can also enjoy some of the many barefoot trails or just simply take the shoes off whenever you have the chance.

There are also companies that sell so-called barefoot shoes.
I tested them and you can really feel a difference to sturdy footwear in which we force our feet way too often.

Our feet are our foundation.

They carry us day after day throughout the world.

Reason enough to give them some time off to allow a recovery.

So, take off your shoes and explore the nature!

Sunny greetings,

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