Garlic Mustard - Pesto

Garlic Mustard - Pesto

We hope you had a nice weekend.

At the moment we are so excited about all the the wild herbs that we almost don't really know what to share with you first.
Every day we are outside in the garden or in the forest and always come back with a full basket of fresh wild greens.

Isn't it awesome what nature offers us?

For the whole last week we enjoyed fresh nettle soup almost on a daily basis.
It is so delicious that even our kids ask for it repeatedly.

Now to today's blog post ...
As promised earlier, we wanted to show you one of our favorite wild herbs for a totally delicious pesto.

About two years ago, we didn't even know the garlic mustard yet.
We came upon it only a few years ago at one of the guided herb tours.

Since we were so impressed by the taste and always regretted that the wild bear's garlic season is way too short, we were even more pleased to have finally found a herb which almost tastes alike.

After the herb tour we went straight into our nearby forest and found a huge area with garlic mustard.


We guess you can imagine how pleased we were.

The garlic mustard is actually unique.
When rubbing the leaves, you can smell a light smell of garlic.
However, the smell is not as strong as the one of the wild bear's garlic, but more discreet.
If bear's garlic was always too intense for you, you should definitely try the garlic mustard.

Here you can see us harvesting.
Our children are always thrilled and hardworking helpers.



Besides the good taste, the garlic mustard has to offer a lot more.
We can benefit from the mustard oil glycosides, which have an antibacterial effect.
It also contains a generous portion of provitamin A, vitamin C and many minerals.

We use most of this amazing herb for making pesto as in our recipe below.
We fill it three-quarters full in small glasses, cover it with oil and freeze it for the winter.


In addition, you can use the leaves as a kind of spinach or enjoy them in a salad or on a piece of bread.
The combinations are limitless.

Do you know the garlic mustard?
If so, what are you using it for?

We are looking forward reading from you in the comments below.

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