Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Oil - Full Speed Ahead

Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Oil -  Full Speed Ahead

Hello and a wonderful start in the week!

We hope you still enjoyed the long weekend after the temperatures have dropped so much.
It felt a little like winter again.
Anyway, we still had a nice and quiet weekend with lots of activities outside.
We stocked up our garden with lots of new herbs, berry bushes and trees which we bought in a tree nursery.

We have so much fun to see all the fresh greens right now and enjoy a lot of time outside in the nature.

Today we do not exclusively want to share a new recipe with you, but want to write about a domestic super food.

The good old flaxseeds and flaxseed oil.


Flaxseed oil has a traditionally good reputation especially here in Germany.
We Germans love to eat it with potatoes and curd cheese.

In our new blog post we want to show you that flaxseeds and flaxseed oil have way more to offer, especially to maintain good health.

We want to take a look behind the scenes to find out what makes flaxseeds and its oil so healthy for us.

In old GDR - times linen clothes were very popular.
In the organic production, linen still plays a minor role in clothes manufacturing.
Nevertheless, there are a few producers, which reflect the old plant and harvest it with gentle methods for the textile industry.

But most of the production is used for consumption as flaxseeds or flaxseed oil.

If you ever have the chance to travel to the Spreewald, you should not miss to visit the historical oil mill in Straupitz.
There, they still produce flaxseed oil the old traditional way.
And the best thing - you can try the freshly squeezed golden liquid right on the spot.

Flaxseed oil is extracted from the little ripened seeds of the flax plant.

What do you think how much flaxseeds are needed to produce one liter of oil?

It takes about 4 kilograms of the small seeds to win 1 liter.
Therefore, the price of a high quality, cold-pressed linseed oil is not low, but definitely worth every penny.


Now let's take a look at which health-giving ingredients can be found in flaxseeds and flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids belong to the essential fatty acids which the body itself can not produce and therefore, it is necessary to absorb them with food.

A deficiency of poly - unsaturated fatty acids is suspected to triggering many of today's lifestyle diseases.

It is said that the alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseeds, as one of the three fatty acids, has many healing powers.

It can, for example, activate our mental well being and promote the development of our brain.

It supports our cardiovascular system, helps relieve depression and lowers the bad blood cholesterol level LDL.

Polyphenols, which are among the phytochemicals which the plant uses as a shield against intruders, also benefits us humans.
They offer an antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals in our body.

The estrogens, the lignans, may reduce the cancer risk.
They act against aging, provide our cells with energy and thus contribute to the stabilization of the general condition.

Flaxseed oil is also a good source of calcium, iron and vitamin E.

Vitamin E, as a scavenger of free radicals, protects the skin and connective tissue, promotes healthy hair and nails and supports the formation of new cells.
In addition, it provides a good effect to improve eyesight and fights against dry eyes.

For our vegan cuisine we use flaxseeds as an egg substitute.
We grind the seeds and let them swell in some water.
The mucilaginious substances swell and form a kind of paste.

The high content of mucilage has a positive effect on the digestion and works as a natural laxative.

If you have problems with defecation, you can drink a cup of non-dairy milk with a little maple syrup and a tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseeds in the morning.

Flaxseed oil is a better source of Omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil capsules, it comes directly from nature without being processed.

When buying flaxseed oil, you should only buy cold-pressed oil, because it contains all the healthy ingredients.

It's best to keep flaxseed oil in dark bottles in the refrigerator.
The oil should never be used for frying.
This destroys the valuable ingredients and the unsaturated fatty acids start to oxidize and become rancid.

And another tip on the edge .... not just our body is pleased with flaxseed oil, also furniture or other wooden objects experience an attractive refreshment with the oil.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for recipes with flaxseeds and flaxseed oil:

  1. A spoon full of flaxseed oil works wonders for digestion.
    For a healthy diet you should definitely consider using flaxseeds on a daily basis.

  2. You can also easily enjoy flaxseed oil with our freshly home-baked spelt bread. Cut the bread in dices, skew it on a toothpick and dip it into the oil.
    (Our children have a lot of fun eating the bread this way and it also keeps them busy.)


  1. Our energy balls are one of the most popular recipes on our blog.
    They also provide you with a good dose of flaxseeds.

  2. Our oldest son likes to eat his breakfast porridge with freshly ground flaxseeds, mixed with a pureed apple and half a banana.
    It is the best to grind the seeds fresh.
    Ground flaxseeds can be better absorbed by the body.

  3. Instead of serving our wild herb salad with hemp dressing, you could also eat it with a healthy flaxseed - vinaigrette.
    Take a handful of chickweed, a handful of goutweed and mix it with 5 tablespoons of linseed oil, salt and garlic powder.

We hope you could find a few suggestions in our article.

Do you include flaxseeds or the oil in your diet?

We love to hear from you and wish you a healthy week!

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