New Year, New Luck - 5 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year!

New Year, New Luck - 5 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year!

Did you find some time to enjoy and relax over the holidays?
We hope you did.

We wish you a wonderful start in an exciting, happy and healthy new year!

We hope this year will be a special one for you!

We tried to keep our Christmas as quiet as we could.

Sometimes, in all the raucous hustle and bustle of the second December half, it is hard to find the peace within ourselves.
But only we have the power to control our own freedom.

The old year usually ends with reflecting on the things which the last twelve months have brought to us, what brought joy and happiness in our lives and looking at the things we are thankful for.

And we are grateful for so many things.

The new year usually starts with all the good resolutions and a long list of what we want to achieve this year.

Now we are also a little excited to start to implement all the good intentions.
Therefore, January is the month that moves us most and brings us back into everyday life.

That is why one of our major projects is - take a break every now and then, take a deep breath and escape from the rapidity of life every now and then.

TIME is one of the things we want most and we are actively working on it for the next year.

Did you know that only about 8% of New Year's projects are put into practice?
Most planned goals include eating healthier and exercising more.

That is why we want to inspire you a little with our first blog post of this year.

1. Enjoy the fresh air daily!

My friend, the forest....
We have the great fortune to live next to the forest.
Long walks through the nature, combined with lots of fresh air, are soothing to our mind and are scientifically proven to improve health and develop a strong immune system.
We should not underestimate the power of the sun as an important health factor.
We all need adequate sunlight to form vitamin D.
This is urgently needed for our bones, our muscles and our cardiovascular system.

We go outside at least twice a day and enjoy nature, regardless of wind and weather.
Oxygen is our elixir.
We need it for breathing, for the formation of new blood, for our skin and much more.
Trees, fresh forest air and the delightful silence lead our gaze again to the natural things in life.

Pick a dreamy spot under a tree and connect yourself with nature again - your mind will thank you!


2. You are what you eat!

A richly set table with hearty food, a Christmas goose, new year carp, cookies, chocolate and a glass or two.... in honor.... so ended the old year for many people.

The resolutions of healthy eating are then planned, but usually thrown overboard after the first week.

Everyone knows it, many plan it, but only a few put it into practice - to eat healthy is extremely difficult for many people.

We hope on our blog we can show you that healthy but also enjoyable eating can go hand in hand with each other.

The problem that affects many of us is the initial eagerness and impatient attitude that can spoil the appetite right from the beginning.
Therefore, it is important to mention that you can also reach your goals with small steps.

With the slogan "You are what you eat", everyone can take on the responsibility for his own health.


3. A life in opulence?

Decluttering is one of our passions.
We discard, donate or give things to people in need which are not absolutely necessary for us.
So we can start in a clean year without all the baggage that either takes away too much space or robs the air we breathe. Decluttering is an ongoing process and you have to keep up the habit all the time.
We are very conscious about the purchases we make.
We are also among those who still repair broken things and do not dispose of them after the first scratch.
Thus, we save money, nerves and protect the environment.

On the rare times when we stroll through the city and see all the shops with needless things, we really wonder who needs to buy all that.

So, we much more prefer our way of minimalism.

4. Catch the luck!

At the beginning of the new year, we wish each other luck.
But what is luck anyway?
How can we keep it in our lives?

Probably there is no general explanation of the word; because luck is subjective. Everyone feels luck in a different way.

It could be mental and physical well-being, a richly set breakfast table, a vacation or just a walk through nature.

We decided to catch our lucky and thankful moments of the upcoming year.
Therefore, we had the idea to put a "lucky jar" on our dining table.
At any happy moment and moments of gratitude, we want to write a little note on a small piece of paper and store it in the glass.

The next New Year's Eve, we hope that we have caught a jar full of happy moments.


5. Helping others!

A very important aspect of our daily life is to show kindness towards people who need help.
Especially during the past recent months, we have witnessed far too many people here in Germany who are full of hatred against people who would actually need our support.
We should all make life as livable as possible to every human being, regardless of which country he comes from.

We should treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves.


Now this blog post became pretty long and there are still so many things that come to our mind.
But the year is long, so we stop at this point and read us again in the next article.

With that in mind - make it a fabulous and healthy new year!

Have a lovely start in the week!

Do you want to explore and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?
Then we would be most happy to see you here again.

What are your wishes or projects for 2016?

We appreciate your comment!

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