Pine Needle Tea - Thumbs up for Home Remedies!

Pine Needle Tea - Thumbs up for Home Remedies!

Almost everyone knows the fragrant pine needle bubble bath.
But did you know that you can prepare a soothing tea from the extract of the needles?

In fall time many people suffer again from nasal congestion, cough, and hoarseness.
A cold can be perfectly treated with household remedies.

Mostly, there is no need for high-dosed drugs.

Home remedies are definitely cheaper, in this case, even free of charge, mostly fresh from nature for the sake of our health.

Fortunately, home remedies experience a renaissance.

In the event of an approaching cold, our first choice is clearly on home remedies and plenty of rest and relaxation.

We are definitley a tea drinker family and we are constantly looking for new flavors in our everyday tea life.
Of course, we also didn't want to miss the opportunity to try one of the best home remedy teas - the pine needle tea.

Because of their high content of essential oils and the big amount of vitamin A and C, pine trees are considered to be local medicinal plants.

Pine needles are a booster for the immune system.

And the best thing is, you can harvest the needles throughout the year.

Preparation of the tea:

Take two handfuls of pine needles, chop them and cook between 15-20 minutes in a pot.
Drain the brew through a sieve and enjoy.
Add some lemon juice or maple syrup, if you like to give a bit more taste.

However, we only prefer unsweetened tea.


Pine needle tea is good against respiratory diseases of any kind, such as cough, colds or a sore throat. It is also rumored to have a curative effect on kidney diseases and rheumatism.

You can also inhale the tea.
Prepare the brew as mentioned above, add some lemon and ginger and put a towel over your head.

We wish you a healthy week.

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