Summer in a Glass - Fresh Fruity Water

Summer in a Glass - Fresh Fruity Water

Summer - sun - sunshine - something like this could be the motto for our hot summer.

This year's summer temperatures are crazy hot and the sun shines endlessly from the blue sky.

In order to stay sufficiently hydrated, one has to drink a lot.

Our kids are probably already tired of hearing this sentence, but especially the smaller ones should drink enough to stay healthy.


After all, anyone who wants to be active and alive needs to drink, drink, and drink.


We never leave the house without a bottle of water.
Our mornings always start with freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables.
During the day, we drink a lot of tea, in the summer with fresh herbs, in the winter made of dried herbs from our garden.


Of course, water is the best source to quench the thirst.

Water is our lifeblood.

If we drink too less water, our body functions cannot be maintained, the kidneys cannot longer work properly, the brain doesn't function adequately - in short, we dry out.

When I look around I see many people quenching their thirst with unhealthy drinks.
It really worries me.
Soda, cola, sweet tea - all these drinks do not give your body the liquid it really needs - no, they take water away.

Therefore, we would encourage you to always drink plenty of water.
Those of you who do dot like pure water; can spice it up with many healthy ingredients.

For example, with these colorful thirst quenchers.

Fresh and fruity to enjoy the hot summer months.
The water remains cold for quite some time if you serve it with ice cubes and frozen fruit,


As you can see, our kids couldn't really wait until all the pictures were taken :).

We wish you a refreshing start of the week!

What do you drink on hot summer days like today?
We would be happy to read from you in the comments below!

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