Beat the Heat with Frozen Fruit

Beat the Heat with Frozen Fruit

The thermometer shows 37 degrees in the shade and it is insufferably hot.
At these subtropical temperatures you barely want to move.

Only last week, we almost needed a winter jacket on the Baltic sea coast.

It looks like the summer weather wants to make up for it now and brings us pure heat.

At these temperatures no-one really has the desire to stand in the kitchen for hours and we are rather craving for something fresh and juicy to cool down.

Therefore, we enjoy frozen grapes, banana slices and strawberries today.

Our kids love frozen fruit.


Many times we find the empty bowls in the freezer, because the kids stole all the frozen fruit again.


This healthy snack is a super cool refreshment on days like today.
Moreover, it is so quickly cut and placed in the freezer.


Refresh yourself with this treat and you can fly through these hot summer days.

Oh by the way, if you freeze the fruit on a stick, it is easier for the kids to hold.

Greetings from us!

What food do you use to stay cool at these temperatures?
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