Melon Mikado - A Hit with Kids

Melon Mikado - A Hit with Kids

Yeah, it's another kids birthday in our house.

Today we celebrate our son's eighth birthday.

.... Oh, how time flies ....

It is kind of a German tradition that the birthday child brings a little treat to celebrate with the other children in school.
(I know, I always think this is the wrong way around....)

Anyway, we always like to bring some variety on the table, since most of the kids bring unhealthy cakes and sweets.
Thus, our creativity was in demand once again.

Since we have a lot to do on such a busy day it must be something which is quick to prepare.



This year we decided on making theses nice colorful melon skewers.

It's a great little treat for children's birthday parties or as a nibble.

They do not only look beautiful; but are also healthy and quickly made.

Our kids love these skewers.
Making them brings already a lot of joy and you have to watch out that there are still melon pieces left since the kids love to eat them right away.

The preparation does not require many words ...
Cut the watermelon into pieces and use cookie cutters for the shapes.


Kids will love it!


What do like to serve on a kids birthday?
We love to hear from you in the comments below.

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