5 Things to Consider When Drinking Coffee

5 Things to Consider When Drinking Coffee

The force of habit makes most people run to the coffee machine each morning.

For many, it is the pick-me-up number one!

There is certainly not much to complain; when drinking coffee in moderation.

However, those who consume coffee in excess should also be aware of the negative consequences for their body and for the environment.

The caffeine releases adrenaline in our body.
Too much caffeine can thus lead to many negative effects on our health, for example, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal problems, migraine, heart problems, irritability, and depression.

Coffee enjoyment means about 140 liters of water for the consumption of one cup of coffee.
This water is used for example for growing and roasting.
German link - (http://www.welt.de/wissenschaft/article1821104/140-Liter-Wasser-fuer-eine-Tasse-Kaffee.html)

Those who cannot give up coffee should pay attention to a few things:

1. When buying coffee, always make sure that it is fair traded and comes from organic farming!
Conventional coffee contains chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides and is usually genetically modified.
Conventional coffee promotes the exploitation of coffee farmers!

2. Do not use coffee capsules!
Most coffee capsules are made of aluminum or plastic.
Both wrappings have an enormous environmental impact.
For the aluminum production rainforest is cut down and the groundwater and people in nearby areas are contaminated.
4000 tons of coffee capsule garbage is produced in Germany every year.
German link - (World http://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article123656432/Wir-produzieren-4000-Tonnen-Kaffeekapsel-Muell.html)

3. The best way of consuming coffee is to switch to wild sun-dried coffee!
Coffee is a luxury. At least it should be treated like it.
Of course this has its price and cannot keep up with the deals in the discounter.
It is better to pay a little more; but enjoy with a clear conscience.

4. Coffee consumption does not need a coffee machine!
Cold-brewed coffee is more digestible for your health.
Thus, the ingredients in the coffee powder are slowly extracted and preserve the flavor.
Cold coffee is milder in flavor and causes less heartburn; because of the lower acid load.
In addition, the caffeine content is much lower than in hot brewed coffee.

That is how it works:
100g coffee powder
500ml cold water

Mix it together and let it sit overnight or at least for 10 hours.
Pour the coffee "syrup" through a strainer and keep it in a glass jar in the refrigerator.
For a cup of coffee just pour a little of the cold coffee "syrup" in your cup and fill it up with hot water.

5. Drink pure coffee!
Good coffee does not need milk or sugar.
It destroys the flavor and is also unhealthy.

You could also try one of the coffee substitutes, such as grain coffee, lupine coffee, dandelion root coffee or how about a freshly squeezed juice or green smoothie in the morning?

Which drink do you prefer to start your day with?

Sunny greetings!

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