Bear's Garlic Pesto

Bear's Garlic Pesto

We are huge bear’s garlic fans.

This is definitely one of our favourite wild herbs.

We are always happy to see the first green leaves coming out of the soil.

That is the time when we start to harvest them in our garden or in the forest nearby.

We love the flavour and the scent of the plant and try to include it in our daily food as much as we can.

Unfortunately, the season is really short.
Way too short, if you ask us.

What could be a better way than picking the leaves and turning them into a delicious tasting pesto?

You can also produce the pesto in bulk and freeze it for the winter time.

Enjoy on a piece of bread, pasta or zoodles.

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Bear's garlic pesto

Bear's garlic pesto
  • Author: go-healthy
  • Posted on: April 20, 2015
  • Category: Pesto and Sauces
  • Type: Vegan
  • Preparation time: 0:10:00
  • Servings: 1 glass


  • 2 handfuls of bear's garlic leaves (80-100g)
  • 150ml sunflower oil
  • 70g sunflower seeds
  • sea salt
  • 1 clove of garlic


  1. Mix everything together in a blender or with the hand mixer.
  2. If the Pesto is still too dry, please add some more oil.
  3. Fill the Pesto in a glass and cover it with oil. Store in the fridge.


Put the Pesto in little glasses and freeze it for the winter.

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