Keep your Brain Busy

Keep your Brain Busy

There are soooooo many things that I want to learn, read, see and discover every day.

The world is full of amazing things and I'm always full of enthusiasm when it comes to things which fascinate me.

I could spend hours researching about it.
To question old ways and learn about new things has something appealing to me.

Learning keeps your brain fit!

If you still want to be mentally fit even in old age, then you should spend a few minutes a day for a little brain training.
We are mostly doing the same work day by day and don't learn new things.
This does of course not apply to each of us, but to the vast majority.

The saying: "Learn a quatrain every day"... has some truth.

Whether it is a quatrain or whatever brings you joy....

Learning keeps your brain on your toes!

"Give your brain some food every day and it will thank you."

For example, I learn a few words in a foreign language each day....
That's one of my great passions.
I find it absolutely fascinating and it gives me a lot of pleasure.

Having fun while learning is one of the keys to succeeding and makes it a lot easier.

Your own motivation and ambition bring of course even more success.

The digital era also brought us countless of wonderful programs for learning.

Here's a nice little quatrain for the beginning 😀

We could live a million dreams,
But only if we dare?
We could go to such extremes,
There is so much we could share!....
(from "Little Woman")

How do you keep your brain on your toes?
Are there things which inspire you so much that you cannot stop learning about it?

I would be happy if you share them in the comments below.

I hope I could motivate you a little bit.

On that note.....
Happy learning!

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